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Conscious Education

By Miss Doan

Welcome to Conscious Education by Miss Doan.


At the heart of everything I do is the overwhelming desire to have a positive impact on young children and their families.


You know your child best and you want the best for your children. You're awesome and ready but you need guidance. I'm here to help you support learning at home through new transformative strategies and techniques that will help you and your child build a deeper connection, grow emotionally intelligently, imbed an inclusive learning environment that will help your child reach their goals academically and independently. 


It all boils down to the experience we give them, leading their curious hearts and minds, enabling their developing bodies, and giving hope and self-belief to their delicate hearts and you have the power to do this.  




I'm thrilled you’ve decided to visit - please browse the site to discover what we’re all about.


-You’ve got what it takes to connect with your child's learning goals.

-You are ready to imbed a meaningful curriculum to enrich your child's learning.

-You envision a curriculum that will help your child become independent learners, grow emotionally intelligently, critically learn about the world.

-You are ready to learn new and transformative ways of teaching. 

But you’re not sure what to do or where to start to get you on the right path for you and your child. 


Conscious Education by Miss Doan

Conscious Education will

Enhance your early year's knowledge to become a fantastic parent educator for your child. 

Allow you to imbed a richer learning curriculum at home.

Enable you to track your child's progress confidently.

Enhance your early year's knowledge to become a fantastic parent educator for your child. 

12 week Conscious Education program
Colorful Pencils


1:1 Session 

Colorful Pencils

Week 1

Prepare yourself to become a conscious educating parent.

Colorful Pencils

Week 2

Talk 4 Writing

How to match your teaching with age-related criteria.

Colorful Pencils

Week 3 

Conscious learning foundation, inclusion through literature

Colorful Pencils

Week 4

Emotional Development

Colorful Pencils

Week 5

21st Century learning skills

Colorful Pencils


Week 6

-Get ready to write

- Fine motor development

Colorful Pencils

Week 7


Phonics part 1

Colorful Pencils

Week 8

Phonics part 2

Colorful Pencils


Week 9

Singapore Math

Part 1

Colorful Pencils


Week 10

Singapore Math part 2

Colorful Pencils


Week 11 and 12

1:1 Session 


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