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Dec 05, 2021
In Business Forum
A very common method of getting a real estate buyers list built is to get on professional professional email list wholesalers' lists and track the results of their transactions. The process starts by finding these wholesalers and usually they are professional email list associated with local real estate investment clubs ("REIAs") as corporate members or they just attend the meetings. These pros will sometimes have an inventory list - the larger the list implies the fewer professional email list real deals they may actually have. If you think about it, if there are real deals professional email list they will be sold very quickly to continuous buyers who rehab properties. The other possibility is he may have a bad reputation or he just hasn't got enough people on his email and contact list. But an investor should subscribe to his mailing list and take his list when he offers it. There may be some actual deals in his list or emails and if you professional email list are in a buying mode, check out each one as you get them. However, if you are starting or wholesaling yourself, there probably is little room remaining for professional email list you to flip the property again to another buyer. Usually these multiple flips are done by a group professional email list of wholesalers who have done business with each other and have some degree of trust with each other. They usually work to find deals and then call or email their buddies to re-list and re-email the offerings to their own lists. Sometimes there can be 2 - 5 investors in a daisy chain of markups, all of whom get paid at the closing Usually these professional email list pro wholesalers are very, very tight-lipped about sharing their buyers simply because it is their main source of income. Some are downright rude and ask for continuing referral fees if you close with one of their buyers when they professional email list wholesaled a deal for you.


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